Action Planet Graphic Development

Working alongside Now This at lightening speed, there was only a week in which to design and ‘kick-the-tires’ on a couple of looks for this show, and it’s accompanying launch materials. They knew they wanted a natural and muted palette and handed me some beautiful photography. I strove to create a look that would feel global, unify the various celebratory activists and stay in theme with Earth Day.

Here’s a look at what was explored.

Unpolished / Pitch Boards

It was a natural to gravitate towards nails to promote the freshman series ‘Unpolished.’ More of a challenge was to make sure that Lexi, the main protagonist (and the nail artist) was showcased with her family – all of whom are very close and involved in each other’s lives. Here is a look at the pitch deck that got us there – we landed on a combination of both. The first idea becoming the static key art and the second informing our rich media, OOH and linear graphics