Donut King BTS

When you get to work on the launch materials for a film like Donut King – which already has beautiful animation and delicious doughnut photography – it’s important to develop a look that feels native. 

Having to eat the douhgnuts leftover from the resulting table shoot was a huge sacrifice, but one I gladly made (yummy!). The resulting composited text felt native to the film’s photography and the sprinkling of animation topped it off. Drool-worthy and perfect match-up.

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Action Planet Graphic Development

Working alongside Now This at lightening speed, there was only a week in which to design and ‘kick-the-tires’ on a couple of looks for this show, and it’s accompanying launch materials. They knew they wanted a natural and muted palette and handed me some beautiful photography. I strove to create a look that would feel global, unify the various celebratory activists and stay in theme with Earth Day.

Here’s a look at what was explored.

Idea Killers Title Evolution

Evolving from a youtube episodic to a podcast – and with the very subject of Creativity hang-ups as a theme – I took a very wide stance approaching this design. I even went old school and busted out the grid paper, pencil along with my favorite felt-tip pens. Here’s a little peek at what wasn’t.


Idea Killers Style Frame
Idea Killers Ideation [1 of 12]
Idea Killers Style Frame
Idea Killers Ideation [1 of 12]
Idea Killers Style Frame
Idea Killers Ideation [1 of 12]
Idea Killers Style Frame
Idea Killers Ideation [1 of 12]
Ideation - Idea Killers
Ideation – good ole’ pencil and pen

Darcey & Stacey/ key art evolution

The Silva twins will primp, fight and laugh their way into your heart as they put their’s on the line.

We had only 2 weeks to turn a full 360 campaign utilizing only Brand photography that we managed to snag right before the world went into quarantine (and after a last minute studio change due to a hurricane). Right way pink and gold seemed the right way to go. Here are a couple of ideas that lead us to the winning key art.

Darcey & Stacey: key art evolution
Lisa-Franked-Vuitton: key art evolution

Darcey & Stacey: key art evoluion
Ring of Gold: key art evolution

Darcey & Stacey: key art evolution
Headliner: key art evolution

90Day Strikes Back! / key art evolution

People love to HATE – and ’90 Day Fiancé – Before the 90 Days’ talent got their chance to clap back and respond to all the lovers and haters out there.

Without the opportunity to shoot any new material with our talent, this key art centered around taking existing content and twisting it to match the emotional responses and clap-backs that they got to expound on the show.

Here are some concepts that didn’t get picked, which turned out just as sassy and fun as the final.

90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined visual evolution

As people the world over began to shelter in place to help slow the spread of the corona virus, 90 Day talent began to record their lives and thoughts. Production then turned those self recorded clips and reflections into a new limited series. While the graphic ‘look’ was created at the same time and ‘in the blind’ – inside of 5 days. Here were the two ideas pitched.

90Day: Self Quarantined - pitch frames
Prose Rose

90Day: Self Quarantined - pitch frames
Paused Time

Unpolished / Pitch Boards

It was a natural to gravitate towards nails to promote the freshman series ‘Unpolished.’ More of a challenge was to make sure that Lexi, the main protagonist (and the nail artist) was showcased with her family – all of whom are very close and involved in each other’s lives. Here is a look at the pitch deck that got us there – we landed on a combination of both. The first idea becoming the static key art and the second informing our rich media, OOH and linear graphics