Origami Oscar / origami

download instructions for origami Oscar below


We go to the movies to loose ourselves. To, for a moment, live another life or reality.

We had for a short time been given laughs, or perhaps serious contemplation, or nail-biting relief that we escaped some precarious life-threatening situation. When we leave the theater we are filled with something else. We carry out with us new thoughts and new experiences that we were able to borrow from the picture we just watched. We hum new hits to ourselves, we quote one-liners to each other, or perhaps we are inspired to do something differently than ever before.

sittingOnTableMovies have a power to suspend us, change us, and sometimes, even bring us a littler closer together.

Not really one to look back, I’m taking an exception and asking us to think about all the wonderful films and shorts that were made in 2013. To all the places we visited, the people and characters we’d meet, and the things we saw.

The Academy Awards… the glitz the glam and often the awkwardly queued out speeches or performance slip-ups. I’m watching it right now, and I love it! Ellen Degeneresis defiantly bringing it too. She is good. Really good. She should be hosting the Academy Awards until she retires.

The real pleasure is of course seeing very deserving people winning those golden little statues for the work that they had done towards making new worlds for all of us to live in for awhile. It’s not just the actors and actresses that are called up to receive Oscars for their work. It’s the composers, and editors, animators, cgi artists, producers… the list goes on and on. It takes so many to make just one picture.

So thank you to the Academy, for bringing us such a nice wrap up and celebration of the films of the past year. And for all of us not in the biz, the show can still go on.

We all need a little statue to look upon and know how awesome we are. Whether we are postal workers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers… you name it.

Without all of you, all the rest of us wouldn’t live in such a great world. And so I present to all of you you’re own Oscar. Please except it with joy and the knowledge of a job well done. No one could do you as well as you do!

… But some assemble required. Don’t be daunted by this, I literally was able to come up and fold this little man while watching the show myself (admittedly it did take me a few sheets of paper to figure it out). And most importantly, remember that you deserve it.

with Kevin Spaceydownload origami Oscar inscructions HERE

Plus, I would love to hear your acceptance speech. If you want send me a little pic of you holding your little Oscar along with some words… I would love to feature you here.